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Was sitting in the car dealer earlier today, getting that seasonal oil change, playing with the iPad and Pinning up a storm, when this played over the waiting room speakers. Ahh… what memories.

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Eurotrip: Part 2

My Friend Staci

Days 3 and 4: Bruges and Brussels

Bruges. All I knew about Bruges before we decided to visit it was that my mother LOVED it in 1984. So we rented the Colin Farrell movie, In Bruges (not recommended). The film kind of gave us a taste of what to expect, at least as far as what the city looks like, however our trip was not in the dead of winter nor did it involve hit men.

Once we found our rental house I sneaked in (before the luggage was dragged in to spoil the first impression) to snap some photos of it because listen–it was CUTE! Below I’ve got a teaser, but I’ll put up the whole tour in a separate post.

The upside to renting a vacation house and staying in the same spot for a few days is that each day the foreign city becomes more and more…

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